Anthony Martial – Amazing Goal Show 2016 | HD

Anthony Martial – Amazing Goal Show 2016 | HD

태그 : 앙토니마샬
영상 시간 : 3:49
평점 : 4.93

좋아요 : 1778 , 안좋아요 : 27

출처 : IbraAlliance

Anthony Martial – Skills and Goals 2016 Manchester United Buy cheap jerseys use code: ibra for 10% off! ▻BUY CHEAP GAMES ETC!

업데이트 날짜 : 2016-01-04 17:16:28
Anthony Martial – Skills and Goals 2016 Manchester United Buy cheap jerseys use code: ibra for 10% off! ▻BUY CHEAP GAMES ETC!


  1. Martial could be doing so much better if the whole team was playing good.

  2. He reminds me Thierry Henry somehow, I hope he will be like him.

  3. Did you do Memphis Depay, He is a good talent, also Anthony Martial, I want to play like him, and be the best 12 year old soccer player alive

  4. anthony martial Formation Olympique Lyonnais meilleur club de formation

  5. A bit overrated just because he is playing for ManU
    Shame OL sold him to Monaco we should have kept him.
    With him, Lacazette and Fekir, Lyon would be so great.

  6. mfana anoketa uyu

  7. nice

  8. What's the outro sound..!??

  9. His composure in the penalty area is ridiculous for someone so young… 20 years old… i think what he has shown so far was better than Ronaldo at the same age

  10. And another beauty today against Stoke! That first one still gives me chills to see

  11. Anthony Martial!!!!!!!

  12. song?

  13. new henry? lol this is the all new lord welbeck

  14. Its sad how there's Man U fans that shit on Van Gaal for buying him on the deadline. "Who is this kid?" "Waste of money". After his debut goal, they were suddenly on his side

  15. 8 goals in 34 apps… while Giroud had 20 goals in 36 apps. And he still gets to play Champions League football.. Your #9 cost y'all 63 mil, while ours cost us 15 mil. Man U fans would gas anybody up.. calm your asses back into 5 th place and the Europa League 😂😂😘 #AFC

  16. If you put English commentary in all of your videos, it'll be even better than your videos now!

  17. Jared Oldfield-Thompson

    I love Martial!

  18. These are some music hits I made on my channel you can check them out

  19. You've forgotten the goal against Ipswich

  20. Agüerooo for next comps!?!

  21. Hello Martial Masalaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  22. You will be the youtube's next level. You are the best! 🙂

  23. Class Video ,Toto Martial best under-21 player in the world

  24. Loving the vids bro, keep up the good work!

  25. great vídeo bro

  26. keep it up!!!!

  27. he scored 7 goals in united. that is good for his age

  28. ibraAlliance você e muito mostro e acompanho você deis do seu primeiro video você e muito fd

  29. Good work 🙂

  30. What's the outro song

  31. Vastly talented. He's in the category of those elite talents like Kingsley Coman and Leroy Sane. I can't work out if he's best in the center or the left.

  32. the name of song please ?

  33. Next cavani

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